The Faculty of Engineering is a young and dynamic Faculty, which aims to teach a diverse and successful portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The Faculty has been recently established with an emphasis on Computer Science and Information Technology. Located in Birendranagar Municipality, in the District of Surkhet, the Faculty is itself in a development phase and many technology related fields have been initiated.

The Faculty of Engineering exists for the main purpose of serving the nation by providing high quality research oriented Schools and departments and by offering study programs in various engineering fields from Bachelor to Master's degree, and will soon become a driving force behind development in Nepal.

Development and expansion of Engineering Education is a matter of greater social concern at national and international level and it represents the core of discussion among the Nepali community as well.

Responsive to the community needs, Mid-Western University strongly pursues the development of Engineering Education by the establishment and support to the Faculty of Engineering (FOE).

Through the advancement of education, research and scholarship, the Faculty aims at forming intellectually competent graduates who are  practical and responsible persons, with  a  scientific  and  humanistic  mind,  and  able  to  solve  unknown  problems  with dedication, confidence, and ethics.

The  Faculty   promotes  strong  research  and   collaboration  with   professional  bodies, industrial partners, governments, academic institutions, science foundations as well as national and international research institutes, so as to extend its impact to the region and at global level.