About Campus

Innovative research. State-of-the-art facilities. Talented and dedicated faculty. Distinguished alumni. All part of the fabric that makes the Central Campus of Engineering experience one of the best a student will have anywhere in the nation, while building the foundation for a successful career. Central Campus of Engineering is a bridge to the future, pioneering new technologies and developing solutions to the problems facing the world. MU engineering and computer science faculty, students and staff are committed to answering the call for solid interdisciplinary research and engineering education.

The 3 undergraduate degree programs the school offers let our students hone the technical and critical thinking skills they need to succeed.

Mid-Western University’s Central Campus of Engineering educates future leaders in the fundamentals of engineering in an environment of world-class research. We stress an interdisciplinary approach and a broad understanding of underlying global issues. Collaborations across the campus and beyond strengthen our development of technological advances that address challenges of vital importance to us all.

The mission at the Mid-Western University Central Campus of Engineering is to give the students a high-quality educational experience; to generate and apply knowledge through research, development and scholarly activity; and to serve society, the state  No. 6 and the engineering profession.

The primary objective is to produce graduates with the technical competence to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering; to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems; to design and conduct experiments, including the analysis and interpretation of data; to design a system, component or process to meet desired needs; and to use techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.

The goals of the faculty, staff and administration are to:

  • Serve MWU Engineering students through a balanced undergraduate and graduate education program and strive to help each of them achieve their full potential.
  • Serve the state, region and country through research conducted by individual and groups of faculty researchers. Group efforts are particularly encouraged.
  • Serve the state, region and nation through professional activities, short courses and other contributions.

The Central Campus of Engineering has embarked on a strategic plan that leads to significant expansion while taking explicit care to maintain and improve the high-quality student programs the university is known for. The Building on Excellence Initiative is a multi-faceted approach that drives growth in facilities, faculty, leadership, research and, most important, students, as it helps industry partners find the new talent, designs and techniques they need to fuel economic growth and business success.

Over the next several years, the MWU Central Campus of Engineering will:

  • Increase by more than 60 percent, the number of students graduating with a bachelor's degree in engineering or computing
  • Add faculty members to match the growing enrollment and maintain the desirable student/faculty ratio of 23:1
  • Add support staff to lead expansion of student recruitment, retention and support activities, and
  • Add facilities that address the high-tech research, classroom and office space necessary for successful expansion. The proposed buildings, constructed in phases, will increase by nearly 60 percent the amount of space available for MWU School of Engineering activities and endeavors.

These endeavors tie in exceptionally well to the university's own strategic plan.

The Building on Excellence Initiative is supported through resources from a variety of partners, including the State research funding and, in part, through additional revenue from growing enrollment.



Educating students is central to our mission.

The MWU Central Campus of Engineering has long prided itself on not only the instruction and opportunities our students receive, but also the quality of the student choosing to study at MWU. As we strive to expand our student body, the school's faculty and staff expect to maintain the high quality student and graduate that employers have come to expect.

Our efforts will focus on:
- Maintaining student-faculty ratio,
- Early outreach and recruitment efforts to ensure undergraduate students see the excitement of engineering and computing,
- Outstanding scholarship offers to high school seniors,
- Leadership and enrichment opportunities at the undergraduate level,
- Early intervention and retention programs for current students.


As our student body increases, so too must the size of our faculty.

The Building on Excellence Initiative seeks to increase the number of faculty members in a strategic fashion that will attract professors talented not only in outstanding instruction, but in discovery and innovation.

The initial plan is structured on the assumptions that:

Engineering faculty members are hired in groups of five to six new positions over a five-to six-year span. Most of the faculty member additions will be at the assistant professor level in early years.  In subsequent years, a combination of assistant professor and senior-level faculty members will be hired, the latter in order to build upon the overall strength of a particular research thrust.

Significant numbers of highly qualified, potential faculty members are available in the targeted research thrust areas.  Competition among major institutions, the subject areas involved, and the fit of potential candidates to a research thrust may mean that some hiring takes place outside of the planned schedule.

The school’s goal is to maintain the exceptional quality of its students while simultaneously increasing the quantity and their overall success rate.

MWU Central Campus of Engineering staff members play a crucial role in recruiting high-quality, high-ability students, as well as providing appropriate intervention and support for students who may be struggling in certain subjects or challenged by the transition to college.  Enrichment programs provide opportunities for students to gain experiences that industry values and that broaden students’ skills before they enter the workforce. Staff members also maintain connections with employers and provide important services for students that help them progress from high school graduate to work-ready professional.

Staff will expand the retention programs that provide early intervention, student engagement and support to students who otherwise might not graduate from MWU as engineers and lead successful careers.  Staff members also will drive recruitment efforts that make MU a top engineering choice for some of the best students in the country and the world.